Noten für Flötenensemble - Gabi Fellner


I’ve been teaching children, teenangers and increasingly adults for over 30 years. Coaching of groups is a growing focal point in my work.

I’ve been arranging music for almost as long, usually specifically for the ensembles I work with.

I live with my husband, our son, two cats and a dog in Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt am Main.

For more information about my work and myself please visit my homepage .

Most of the arrangements, some of them for seven parts, were written for the ensemble “Flötenspektakel” whilst I was a member (2001-2012) and now they are available online for the first time.

The excerpts are from the CD “Momentaufnahmen” by Floetenspektakel (2007). The CD can be ordered at

The score was made with the software “Primus”

  Gabi Fellner